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Serious Injuries

When a loved one has died, the needs of the family are often ignored by the wrongdoers and by society.

Ms. Tsykova has the team of lawyers who can protect the rights of your family to financial compensation.  

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Death comes to all of us but sometimes it comes by the wrongful act of another person.  Our families, our loved ones are so distraught that they can barely deal with the harsh financial realities that we leave behind.

The daughter of physicians, Oksana Tsykova knows the pain that families experience and she has the life experience to forge forward on behalf of the family during these difficult times.

Teaming with legendary attorney Daniel Horowitz, Ms. Tsykova combines extraordinary trial experience, Russian language fluency, compassion and a dedication to the families of the victims.

Daniel Horowitz working with Las Vegas Attorney Robert Massi and Oksana Tsykova, recently settled a wrongful death case involving a motorcycle and a truck for a very large amount (confidential agreement).

Horowitz has recovered millions of dollars for families whose loved ones were killed in accidents involving elevators, trucks, auto accidents and MUNI cars.

The office has also obtained a $ 2,000,000
($ 2 million) dollar award for a women who was raped by a party bus driver.  Serious injuries include the physical harm from such an assault as well as the emotional harm.

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Wrongful death and serious accident cases involve highly complex issues.  Who is legally at fault?  Is there insurance to cover the damages.  Who receives compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one?  What if you weren't married but had children together ?  Experienced wrongful death / serious injury attorneys carefully examine these issues to ensure that the proper parties are held responsible.